Chairman of the BORED

Not the Democratic Party

Not the Republican Party



Remember the more we party the more we

help the homeless


Rules and Guidelines

Chairman of the BORED, Dr. Bob

1. When conducting official Party Party business, members are not allowed to operate a motor vehicle.

2. All Party Party members must always carry sunglasses because when you are cool the sun always shines.

3. Each and every Party Party member shall be entitled to his or her own personal opinion. Beating around the bush is acceptable and encouraged.

4. Party Party intentions are in this order (1) the group and (2) the individual.

5. Unless we are helping someone less fortunate, we cannot truly enjoy our good times and parties.



Become an official member of the Party Party, a tax deductible charity to help the homeless. There is no cost to be listed as a Party Party member. Hats, shirts and ID cards help support the Party Party organization. Tax deductible donations support the homeless. The PARTY PARTY purpose is to help feed, shelter, and clothe the homeless.

Become a Chairman of the BORED in your local area. All PARTY PARTY members are listed on our Members page.



Certificates of Authenticity

Recognized 501c(3) organization








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