Our Purpose

The Party Party purpose is by using our partying abilities, we are partying to help the less fortunate. It makes us as individuals partying together, feel better about ourselves because we are helping life. It’s making our partying very, very, very, very important. Really. So, become a member and let’s party and enjoy life. FOREVER.

The Party Party political agenda is to save the Moon. No one is paying attention to the MOON. We are always looking for Political Puppets.  We are reaching out to THE RED ROCKER???? and COSMO???? 

When we delivered coats and blankets, near hwy 370 and N 3rd st, St Charles, friends gathered in November 2010, We found they needed a tent. This was a extremely harsh winter. We need to open shelters with transportation for medical needs.

  • There are now 16,000,000 children living below poverty level in our great country. 
  • In NYC alone 47000 people use homeless shelters a day.
  • 20000 are children.

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